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February 14, 2013
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Riot ref and Bio 2013 by ChaoticDA Riot ref and Bio 2013 by ChaoticDA
I know I said no bases but I really hafta work on my pitties T-T Base by :iconmuttkip: [link]

Name: Riot
Age: 2 1/2
Gender: Male
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier

Residence: Florida wildlife and big cat refuge.
Housemate: Chaotic. And Jackal

Friends: Kimber (eagle), Siren ( White bengal tiger) Chaotic

Likes: Food, Squeaky toys, sleep, talking
Dislikes: People judgeing him, spiders, storms
Owner: Alicia Weis ( Allens lil sister)
Personality: Riot May look big and bad but he's a sweetheart deep down. He is shy and goes into one of the cat enclosures when people come to visit the center.

History: Riot originally named Big Boi was first owned by a young couple who lived in the hood of Miami,Dade. Big Boi was to sleep and Live on the porch and look fierce. One night A huge thunder storm moved in, Big Boi got antsy, he whimpered and scratched at the door of the beat up house, but his owners weren't home. Moments later Thunder boomed directly above him and lighting flashed. He hid under a porch chair trembling. And he stayed like that for two days. When the storm passed he was ankle deep in water. He glanced inside his "home" to see what was going on inside. Noone was there, They had ditched him, truth was that wasn't a thunderstorm it was hurricane Wilma and he was stranded.

A week later the animal control found him, Pitbull/pitbull like dogs were illegal in Miami so he was taken to the Aspen Humane Society in Brevard County. Other local shelters were notified. One "shelter" in particular was called Florida wildlife and big cat refuge. Which was odd because that "shelter" was for Bigcats and other wild animals obtained illegally. The staff member from Florida wildlife and big cat refuge was named Alicia Weis she told them that she older brother Allen had a dog that they had rescued and thought rescuing another would be a awesome Idea. The Receptionist told her to come down to look through the shelter.

As promised Alicia drove down with Chaos in hand. The Receptionist showed her the way and stuck by her side. First dog they came to was a Chihuahua puppy. But a young girl ran up saying" This one daddy I want this one!" So the moved on to the next one, A German Shepard mix. But they were unable to adopt her due to her being Pregnant. Then they came across a Black brindle Staffie. Alicia bent down and put her and against the chain-link. The Receptionist jolted forward when He looked at Alicia " Dear be careful this breed is known to be vicious." Big Boi put his head down back facing Alicia. She stood up and looked at the Receptionist with discontent." You of all people should not Judge a dog just by its breed, Its exactly like being racist, Judgeing something or someone you don't know anything about!" "But dear" said the Receptionist" No! Hear me out. The breed has a bad rep for the stupid crap people bred it to do a LONG LONG time ago, not all Dogs are the same, They're just like people, Each one of us has a personality,a different past, a different home life. Just like Dogs in Shelters."

Big boi felt like crying when he heard her say that, all his life he'd been judged by his breed, His tail started to wag. Alicia smiled" See he agrees" She bent back down by his cage and dug out a dog treat." C'mere boy I'm not gonna hurt ya, I wanna be friends" He smelt the treat and got up and walked over to her and licked her hand. The receptionist unlocked the cage and put him on a lead and kept a good grip on the rope as if he'd try to lunge or somthing. Alicia shook her head " Loosen up trust me Chaotic is stronger than she looks." The woman looked at her confused " You do remember where I work correct?" She nodded" A Wildlife Refuge right?" she said, Alicia Nodded" My family owns it, When we came into possession of Chaotic she was still to young to eat soft food, in fact she was still nurseing. We had no other dogs and our only female Wolf had just had her 15th birthday so we searched and searched and One of our Bengal tigers just had her second litter the day before so we put Chaotic in there and She was raised by a tigress."

After Chaotic and Bigboi got introduced Alicia smiled " Oh yeah I'm Takin this Lil Riot home!" The receptionist looked shocked but did'nt question it. Alicia filled out the forms and handed them back to the woman " Riot?" she said" You're naming him Riot?" Alicia Nodded " Yea he looks like he's been through alot and he reminds me of the Three days grace song Riot." And with that Riot made his way to his new and permanent home

Riot Facts
- Thinks he's a lap dog even though he's like 30 pounds too heavy
- Follows Alicia around like a baby duck
- When he's not sleeping with Alicia he and Chaotic sleep in the livingroom
- Has a Red Blankie given to him by Alicia he won't sleep downstairs without it
- Is Besties with a Bald Eagle named Kimber
AlexisHunter Feb 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Nice :D
thanks maybe we can rp sometime
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